The Vodder School

dr.vodder-schoolIn the 1930’s Dr.Emil Vodder and his wife, Estrid developed the techniques and protocols that form the basis of most present day schools of Lymphatic Drainage. The Dr. Vodder School , founded in 1972 in Walchsee, Austria is acknowledged throughout the world as a pre eminent clinic for treatment of lymphatic disease and also as a training facility for lymphatic therapists.

Vodder trained lymphatic therapists receive extensive practical and theoretical training in manual lymphatic therapy (MLD) and complete decongestive therapy (CDT) from skilled teachers, each of whom has many years of teaching and clinical experience.

Requirements for certification include: 160 hours of instruction in manual technique, competence in applying compression bandages, and practice in clinical reasoning and interpretation of clinical studies. Certification depends on successful results of written and practical examinations.

To be included in the Dr. Vodder School Therapist Directory certified therapists therapists must participate in a recertification program every two years. These programs enable Vodder therapists to

  • continually improve and perfect manual technique
  • discuss new clinical studies presented by recognized experts in the field
  • present selected client case histories for discussion
  • review and try new products for the treatment of lymphedema
  • share their experience with different client populations and different treatment approaches


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